SCALDING HOT « Subject » : Keeley Hazell par Christophe MEIMOON in ARENA UK avril2007

« BOMBshell » : « Créature à la plastique avantageuse dont la haute teneur en explosivité échappe à la subjectivité du jugement esthétique particulier ».
« BOMBshell » : « BODYlicious creature whose high content of explosiveness insolently transcends the singularity of the particular aesthetic judgment ».

32 réflexions sur “SCALDING HOT « Subject » : Keeley Hazell par Christophe MEIMOON in ARENA UK avril2007

  1. Bonne année Antoine! Riche en Cover girl de tous horizons!A ce propos je me demandais quelle quantité de magazines tu achetais pour trouver des photos aussi diverses!Alors Docteur Watson ?


  2. My dear Antoine – Happy New Year to you!! (I don't think I'm too late greeting yet as it is still January =) This is beautiful! The smoky eyes, damp hair, white shirt, silhouette peeking through… it's the right amount of sexiness & artistry! Awesome! Have a great week! =) Grace


  3. My dear Antoine, you always manage to put a smile on my face with the kindest words a man can offer! You are truly a special and gifted person! Thank you so much for voting for me and your continued support. So glad to have you as a blog buddy 🙂 Fabulous writing as always- she is quite sexy and so pretty- I love that she's wearing an open button down- doesn't get any sexier than that! xo, Mel


  4. Among other things…this girl has got a great…shirt! Gotta love a masculine shirt against feminine features. Oh and the Hawaiian babe below is delicious!How is 2010 working for you Antoine? All the best to you, love your sexy blog.


  5. Hey Antoine! :)As always, I love visiting your site…so much beauty and inspiration.A very sexy pic here! Love it when girls wear a guys shirt and I own the same knickers as her, ha! ;)Hope you have a fun weekend my darling ❤ xxx


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