STRIKING « SEXYness »: Eva Mendes by Steven MEISEL pour « Calvin Klein – Secret Obsession »(2008)

So it’s a real pleasure for me to warmly thanking Here Anika for giving me this « Over The Top » Award (ps: Actually you can see it under my Blogger’s profile), that comes along with a questionnaire I have already respond to on « STATUESQUE « It-BOMBshell »: Paz de la Huerta par Mario SORRENTI in PURPLE FASHION printemps/été2009″ . . .
Mmmh Mmmh And Now I pass it to (« Suspense ») . . .
Pauline, pretty/mutinous French Doll whose wide stylish palette is always placed under an exquisite « Girly CHIC-issime » sign . . .
Maury and Gisela, Between dark/futuristic-like GLAM and audacious Destroy CHIC inspiration, this Curvalicious Fashionista’s friendly duet really knows how to make blow a Breathtaking wind on fierce Sensuality on New York City (and not Only) . . .
Frenchick, brainy self-confessed « Clothes Fetishist » whose obvious presence/charisma naturally comes along with a BOMBnextDoor-esque photo model aura . . .
Shin, Utterly delicate Hawaiian sylph whose enthralling sweetness is currently twisted by an enlightened use of sexy/structuring/laid-back CHIC fineries (ps: Please you Absolutely need to ignore the so beyond understanding warning page to access to her scrumptious « Fashion
Cappuccino ») . . .

Grace, Uber charming Minneapolis-based young Woman whose playful sense of stylish creativity and beyond all Marvelously smiling prestance are tastefully provided of strong/miraculous vitaministic Virtues . . .
Coralie, French Modeuse whose haughty timeless Beauty, feline magnetism and ballet dancer-esque Gracefulness Truly compose a delicious cocktail . . .
Maria G, Attractive spanish Girl whose so Radiant jet-black haired Mediterranean GirlnextDoor Allure joyfully illustrates Stylish Freshness idea . . .

35 réflexions sur “STRIKING « SEXYness »: Eva Mendes by Steven MEISEL pour « Calvin Klein – Secret Obsession »(2008)

  1. Coucou Antoine!What a surprise!Merci pour ce commentaire qui me touche beaucoup!Cela m'encourage et me motive d'autant plus; tu es comme un ange bienveillant planant au-dessus des bloggeuses en herbe.Cela a même un côté rassurant.A bientôt!xoxoCoralie


  2. Hi Antoine!! Thank you so much for passing on the award! Your description makes me blush 🙂 and it always makes me feel special to get a note from you! I was just watching « Hitch » last night and Eva Mendes is such a naturally sexy girl with amazing curves! xxoxooxxoxo


  3. Oh what a fun surprise!! Super thanks for this lovely award, dear Antoine! I'm deeply honored to be given this! I've never been described as such and I think I will print this and frame it! Perfect confidence booster for those days I feel crappy, haha! =)PS – Eva Mendes' totally got the perfect bod for such pose! =) Grace


  4. oh my gosh Eva Mendez is one of my fave fave actress / model. her face is incredibly beautiful, very exotic and sexy. no wonder she is known to be one of the most beautiful woman in the industry. amazing bone structure and all. :)this photo says it all, right? great pick as usual! and oh congrats again for the award!


  5. Bonjour Monsieur Antoine!Ohh, I´m so happy for Grace she received an award from you. She´s such a sweetheart and always have a charming smile in her pictures!!!You are for me the new  » Socrates » of fashion philosophy, always amazing to read the way you write!!!!All my best to youuMartina


  6. Hello Antoine!! you can't believe how deeply impressed I was when I read your description, I'm very honnoured to be mentioned in your blog, you're so nice, you write little poems at every post, thanks a lof for thinking about me, I really appreciate it! have a great weekend! kisses!


  7. I've recently realised how seductive Eva Mendes really is. I never quite saw it before, but she is the penultimate woman. Gorgeous picture of her!And congratulations on the award, you deserve it :)Have a great week Antoine


  8. c'est un peu bizarre que tu n'aies pas traduis ton post en français! bref , félicitations pour ton award, tu le mérites bien! et puis Eva mendez est une fille qui est belle et qui ne base pas tout sur sa beauté pour réussir!


  9. J'me suis toujours demandée pourquoi tout le monde employait « hot » à tous les coins de rue pour tout dire ou rien.C'est le premier mot qui me soit venu à l'esprit quand j'ai découvert cette photo : HOT !(merci pour ton petit message « fétichisants désirs »… j'ai eu envie de le mettre sur mon statut Facebook !


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