HEADY « Flowers »: Campagne publicitaire « Carolina Herrera – New York », by Mario SORRENTI printemps/été2008

Dans l’esprit des Grandes Messes Fashion Week-esques, Théâtres d’expression privilégiés d’un certain esprit courtisan, c’est par extension Tout l’Univers du Luxe qui participe culturellement de rituels d’essence aristocratique : l’aspiration avouée de ses prestigieux fleurons à la pérennité dynastique peut ainsi volontiers se décliner à travers de puissantes stratégies de communication, vouées à l’auto-célébration d’un certain esprit Maison . En l’occurence pour le Meilleur avec la sublime Carolina Herrera Jr, Corporate Muse ET altière Héritière (présomptive ou non) exsudant le Pouvoir . . . à fleur de peau.

Just like Fashion Weeks and their recurrent fawning/sycophant background, All Luxury’s Universe culturally communies with aristocratic-inspired rituals : His prestigious finials’ confessed pursuit to dynastic perpetuity can also declines itself through powerful communications strategies, highly dedicated to self-glorification. In this case for the Best with Carolina Herrera Jr, Stunning Corporate Muse and Haughty (presumptive or not) Heiress who literally exudes Power . . . à fleur de peau.

31 réflexions sur “HEADY « Flowers »: Campagne publicitaire « Carolina Herrera – New York », by Mario SORRENTI printemps/été2008

  1. wow°*°*N'importe qui n'aurait pas consacré un post à caroline Herrera, à moins que cela ne soit pour… Mario Sorrenti ?J'adore cette campagne que je ne connaissais pas.On ne peut qu'être une princesse dans une créa de Carolina.Merci.


  2. Antoine!!!I love the long dresses from this designer. They are very femenine and diaphanous. And also some basic pieces, trenchs are really cool!The pics are absolutely glamourous but I don't like the model (who is Carolin's Herrara daugther).I'm fine Antoine thanks for it!I SEND YOU BACK THE SAME GOOD FEELLINGS!!!!Huge bisou!!!!!!!!!!!!!mwwwwwwasss!


  3. Her features remind me of a Greek sculpture… and flowers make it look like a magic garden and add a very special (and almost essential) softness. Adore the second photo, with light emerging from the heart of the flower… so beautiful. Have a wonderful day, darling!xxx


  4. Oh wow, these pictures are absolutely stunning. One wonders what the focus is on, the woman or the floral backdrop…but in the end the contrast is what makes it so gorgeous.Hope you are having an excellent weekend, Antoine!


  5. i think it's nice (and sweet) that Carolina chose her very own daughter as muse:) she may not be as desirable to many but she is lovely in her own way:) admittedly she isn't the usual gorgeous amazingly beautiful model we see in most ad campaigns, but I always liked Carolina Jr. and I think this is a nice campaign simply because her mom picked her out of all the many beautiful professional models out there:) thank you dear Antoine for the lovely comments:) You never fail to make me smile:)P.S.hey i just realized… does anyone think Carolina Jr. looks somewhat like Sarah Jessica Parker? She kind of does doesn't she??


  6. mmm…the style now with belts is not putting in the strap fully but exposing it out, no? it's so chic i love it ;] and i love this antoine, i love it all i love you, your comments, your words which are just so different and very very much into fashion, j'adore this blog, completely!!!yes i'm fine, mon cherie. the nicholas kirkwood shoes have healed my sickness! i have been so busy with my university assignments it is so hard to keep up with the fashion world and living the life of a voguette! and i wish you well, antoine, gros gros bisous dear.


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