« Simply Because I will NEVER be grow tired on RAMBLING about The « BOMBnextDoor » : Alice Greczyn par Marc BAPTISTE in « Nudes »(2007)

OOooh ce n’est évidemment pas la première fois que j’évoque ici-même un GLAM concept qui, loin de se résumer à de simples considérations de Sex-Appeal et/ou d’explosivité sculpturale, définit surtout une certaine esthétique de la Nonchalance d’Alcôve stylisée que les lascives créatures Marc Baptiste-iennes ne manquent jamais de parfaitement illustrer : En espérant donc sincèrement, Mesdemoiselles, qu’à l’instar de cette ravissante actrice américaine cette photo puisse vous inciter à réveiller LA BOMBnextDoor qui sommeille en chacune de vous !!!
OOoooh so this is not obviously the first time that I evoke a GLAM concept which, far from coming down to exclusive Sexyness and/or sculptural explosiveness’ considerations, mostly defines a characteristic aesthetics of stylized Alcôve Nonchalance, that Marc Baptiste’s luscious/gladly mischievous creatures never fail to perfectly ilustrate : By sincerely Hoping so, Ladies, that in the style of this ravishing american actress this pictures shall make you wake up THE BOMBnextDoor who is slumbering in each of you !!!
ps: Aesthetic Extract found Here.

32 réflexions sur “« Simply Because I will NEVER be grow tired on RAMBLING about The « BOMBnextDoor » : Alice Greczyn par Marc BAPTISTE in « Nudes »(2007)

  1. i love the way you put it. that you hope her style and your pictures make us wake up the bomb next door in each of us!!!she is absolutely stunning!hope you're having a wonderful day antione!xxx


  2. oh thank you so much.I love the retro chic, and of course the french style.have you seen the whole blog included my paris story?I love paris sooooo much.it´s really amazing how I adore this city.sitting here and listen to edith piaf.merci a toi


  3. oh thank you so much. but what I pitty that I do not now how you look like :-(I was never before in Lille. only in Paris. 350 times. REALLY!!!!!I´ve worked for Charles Jourdan. Louis Vuitton and Chanel.bisous


  4. Hi Antoine,How are you sweetheart?Thank you so much for the beautiful comment on the  » Shop Your Archives » I love how you quote me on  » « Deer-y » Nini = Charming with a capital letter !!! » Its made my day ;). I hope all is well for you Antoine and the girl is stunning !xoxoxoNini


  5. I love especially that she is naturally beautiful, nay stunning. She doesn't need the extreme photoshop or favourable lighting because she is the « gorgeous girl next door ». Perfect in a slouchy/cropped tee or tied boyfriend button shirt and low slung denim shorts.Love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. This picture is incredibly sexy and what makes her so scrumptious, to me, is that lil' tiny pot belly she has.. i think that's just too adorable!xoxo!-Giselawww.heightsoffashion.typepad.com


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