CAPTIVATING « Fantasy »: Julia Stegner par Patrick DEMARCHELIER for THE PIRELLI Calendar2005

Mmmh alors dans la droite lignée d’un « stilettostetico-esque » précédent (cf. à tout hasard la traduction anglaise), j’aime Beaucoup l’esprit de cette édition du célèbre calendrier, la manière dont le Classicisme (majestueusement) épuré des visuels y est (subtilement) hystérisé par d’ostensibles soupçons d’avant-guardisme stylistique : Après la « Destroy CHIC-issime sirène » Marija V, la pétillante Julia S y incarne ainsi une « Arachnéenne Tentatrice ». . . par qui On ne demande qu’à se laisser capturer !!!
So now, the english translation !!! Mmmh so right in the line with a « stilettostetico-esque » precedent (just in case cf. « Just like a GLAMazon-esque VERTIGO from Montenegro : Marija Vujovic par Patrick DEMARCHELIER for The PIRELLI calendar2005 »), I really like this famous calendar version’s sensual mood, the way the uncluttered Classicism of its expressions is subtly hysterized by such conspicuous hints of stylistic avant-gardism : So after the « Destroy CHIC-issime siren » Marija V, the sparkling Julia S also emBODYies Here an « Arachnidan-like Temptress » . . . by whom I would love to be captured !!!


35 réflexions sur “CAPTIVATING « Fantasy »: Julia Stegner par Patrick DEMARCHELIER for THE PIRELLI Calendar2005

  1. Oooh, her hair and that awesome sweater!! Haha, I had to be a complete girl…I ignored what you'd written and gasped over her gorgeous hair…I'll read it now ;)And yes, she is a true temptress…I like that the calendar, or this shot anyway, is not too graphic but more artistic and shyly seductive.Hope you're having a great week Antoine


  2. Gosh I didn't even realize it was Julia until I read the title. She looks so beautiful and healthy might I it the hair color? hmm. breathtaking pic! i love the pirelli calendars! btw, thank you sooo much for the beautiful beautiful compliments! xo!


  3. It's a crime how good looking she is:)Thank you so much for your comments, you surely know how to put a smile on a woman's face!Hope you had a blast this weekend!Bisous,Gia!


  4. this is one of my fave photo you have chosen here. the colour, the texture, the shot and mood in this picture- amazing! the sensual sexiness is all over her. :)beautiful words and eye catching picks as always. 🙂


  5. Wow I adore Pirelli images so much, every pic i see I seem to like, they are so classic and sensual. Yes I think you are right when you talk about mood. Antoine- I so enjoy your comments thank you sweet one! x


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